Training in Research

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, research is "a methodical inquiry and study of materials and sources" that is done in order to find facts and come to new conclusions. For the advancement of faculty members and to foster their research abilities, DAIMSR organises a variety of research programmes, including training sessions on data analysis tools like SPSS. The institute has organised a specific training programme by inviting specialists from diverse sectors in order to hone the analytical skills. The peer learning activity is also supported by the institute. The professors who have completed training in any field of research are happy to impart their knowledge to their peers.

Up till now, the following areas were covered by the training programmes:

  1. Understanding Research methodology
  2. Creating Google classroom
  3. How to reduce plagiarism
  4. Data analysis using SPSS
  5. How to write quality research papers?
  6. How to identify the quality journals? Etc.