Aarmabh is planned for first-year students to introduce them to the institution, the faculties, and team building activities. It takes place at the beginning of each new session.

Aagman is an event which is hosted by the Senior Batch for the Fresh Batch of students. This occasion also provides an opportunity to introduce the Seniors with the juniors. Many Cultural and recreational activities are organized as a means to encourage the interaction between the Old and New batch of students.

An Inter-collegiate competition, where the student get to team-up and organize a mega event. A competition of repute, DAIMSR has been successfully hosting this event for over ten years. The events comprise of Academic Events such as Debates, Case Study Presentation, Ad Making, Business Quiz and Personality Contests, While the Cultural events such as Singing, Dancing, Fashion Shows etc.

Students of the institute are encouraged to participate in sports and games in this annual event. The institute hosts a series of Indoor and outdoor games and competitions aimed at developing skills while providing a platform for recreation.

As an initiative under CSR, DAIMSR along with its Alumni Association organizes a fund raiser to support a social cause of up-liftment of under PRIVILEGED section of the society. Abhiyaan has hosted events like Hasya Kavi Sammelan, Ghazal Nite, Musical Nite and Rock Band.

The institute encourages its students to organize Alumni Reunion of the previous batch of students. During the Alumni meet past students interact with the new batch and faculty members. Cultural Events and Networking with the Seniors marks this Occasion.

An opportunity for students to test their physical strength.The PRAHAAR Camp is run by ex-army officials and is aimed at developing leaders having courage,determination, team spirit and a sense of responsibility towards the society.

Acumen is a national level contest of Paper Presentation.It's a platform for Industry Practitioners, Academicians and students, to present their research work on contemporary subjects.

Aegis is a Business idea / plan Competition to encourage, nurture and develop new ventures based either on original ideas and technology or those developed by others. The inter collegiate event offers particular interest to Small Grass Root Innovations, which have the capacity to reach out to masses and make big difference to a large population.

This event is especially organized to celebrate International women's day. The events aims to bring awareness amongst the women students and staff on Women empowerment and women rights. The daylong event comprises of Informative sessions, Recreational Activities as well as Training in Self-defence,Entrepreneurship etc.

Analysis is an event to discuss and deliberate on Union Budget. The student groups present an analysis on various aspects of the Union Budget. A panel discussion or Expert Lecture is followed thereafter to create better understanding of the Money Bill.

The event with 23 years of luminous history, an annual workshop aimed at addressing contemporary issues relating to management. The students participate in the event and acquire knowledge on diverse areas and subjects which addresses a unique theme every year.

The students are awarded for their Academic and Co-curricular achievements. The awards are hosted by the student’s council which awards the students in various categories, while a portion of awards are given for recognizing the talents by the members of the faculty.

Alvida is organized to wish all the best to the ones who are leaving for their futures and of course to make them feel that their absence will matter for you.

Aasman is the annual cultural fest of DAIMSR, West campus, organised with an aim to develop and enhance important life skills of the students such as creativity, confidence, self-discipline, effective communication and the ability to work in teams. Various competitions such as dance, singing, personality contest and fashion show are conducted under the banner Aasman.

Aaveg is a competition which challenges the innovative thinking of the students and promotes their out of the box thinking and creativity at its fullest. This activity specifically aims at developing a habit of innovation and marketing skills among students. competitions like PPT presentations, quiz competition and Ad making are organized under this event.

Abhinay aims to improve acing skills of the students and create social awareness amongst them. It’s tool through which lot of social awareness campaigns have gained strength, such as family planning, girls education, child labor etc.

Anand Mela is organized for students to showcase their cooking and marketing talent. The events aim to promote the sense of application of Marketing Strategy, creativity and profit making schemes. Participants organized various stalls with different themes.

Nukkad Natak is conducted to promote acting skills including presentations or acts in an open area in mostly large groups. This events usually gives a social message and promote a sense of social responsibility amongst students.

Aagaz is a sporting event that is organized to foster teamwork and a good mind-set and develop physical activities for today’s youth.

Aakarshan- In this activity students have to work on creativity and innovation of thought process to showcase their talent in activities like Rangoli Competition, Mehandi Competition and Salad Decoration Competition.

Albatross is a team event wherein the teams were tested by their timed tasks in different rounds. The rounds were designed to test presence of mind, team dynamics and time management