Mentoring Programme

A student enrolling in a programme is confronted with a wide range of academic and personal concerns. Students sometimes find themselves in situations where they must make vital judgments without assistance. Some scenarios, such as deciding on a career path, choosing a course of specialisation, or selecting a college, choosing a firm for internships and a company for final placements necessitate the use of a mentoring. Aside from these choices, Students also require a variety of assistance, such as academic guidance and behavioural counselling in the development of specialised skills, and so on. Sometimes hiring a career/psychological counsellor isn't enough as well as unacceptable solution, because these services are not always available.

Under mentoring programme, we focus on all round development of students hence variety of mentoring activities are carried out such as self-introduction, extempore, presentations, group discussions, seminars and interview techniques etc. The mentor keeps track of their progress and offers advice as needed. The mentor's job is to develop the pupils and guide them through any problems they may have. Mentor encourages the mentees to come up forward and express themselves without fear. In coping with these challenges, the mentoring system is quite crucial.

The following are the goals of the College's mentoring programme:

  • To provide specific attention and aid to the mentees in dealing with their challenges by developing at least the minimum required abilities to cope with course expectations.
  • Identify weaker students of the class who needs more attention and improvement.
  • Creating learning and enjoyable environment for the students so that the feel free to express themselves.
  • Help them improve their focus, confidence and goal setting abilities.
  • Building a mutual and trustworthy relationship between the institute and its students.