The institution promotes institution neighborhood community network and student engagement, contributing to good citizenship, service orientation and holistic development of students.

Institute has been promoting the participation of students and faculty members in Social responsibility activities through the following activities:

Institutional Social Responsibility Dimension Extension- Activities that promote the Social Responsibility
Promote Institution Neighborhood community network
  • Legal Aid Camp during Dashhera at Deekshabhoomi
  • Visiting Slums to promote Health awareness
  • Tree Plantation Drives in the neighboring areas
  • Visit to Blind School
  • Visit to Oldage homes and Orphanages
  • Educational Counselling for students from Slum Areas
  • Water Conservation Drive for Community
Contribution to good citizenship & service orientation and holistic development
  • Selling products made by Orphans and differently abled children under an activity named as ‘Market Daud’
  • Blood donation Camps are organized under the Rotract Club activities
  • The Students Organize and Manage “Cyclothon” –an annual cycling race to promote health and environment awareness amongst the citizens.
  • Various Community services through N.S.S
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Special camps in local villages were conducted to study the life style and socio-economic profile of the residents. It enables the faculty and students to realize the importance of their contribution to the local community and thereby the character of service orientation and good citizenship builds.
  • Tree plantation to enable the students to understand the importance of clean and safe surroundings.
  • Fund raising events for social causes are also conducted by the institute. These are conducted under the name of ‘Abhiyan’. The activities under this event include events for differently abled, Visually impaired and backwards classes with collaboration of other organisations.