Infrastructure as a Resource

The institute’s infrastructure supports every teaching and learning activity and is equipped to enhance the learning experience of the students. The facilities are developed by assessing the current and future needs of the institution. The various needs pertaining to Teaching Learning, Computing, organizing guest lectures, Presentations, Holding meetings and organizing events, recreations, etc. are considered and based on these, the infrastructural facilities are developed. The facilities are planned through a three year perspective plan which forecasts future needs. The facilities also include specific provision for Girls and Boys common room, entrepreneurship cell, placement and career guidance cell, Pantry, conference room and medical rooms etc.

Library and reading rooms equipped with online resource center, reading rooms and special facilities for disabled students. Availability of over 4000 sq. ft. of library space offering a range of services including Collection and Delivery of books, Cataloguing and ordering new editions , Reprographics facility, Book restoration and digitization of manuscripts etc.
Institute facilitates students for the use of library with the help of two software namely DELNET and M-OPAC. Any student can download the M-OPAC app from the Google play store and without registering can get information regarding the availability of books in DAIMSR Library. One can search by title, author, keyword, subject and publisher. To request for the issue of particular title one has to register and for further procedure library in charge has to be contacted.

Information Technology (Computer Labs)
The IT infrastructure of the institute is constantly updated with latest technological devices including, Computers, Scanners, Printers, Webcams, Projectors and other devices. The campus has over 400 computers and 4 servers all installed with licensed software. Uninterrupted power supply through inverters and Generator sets is provided for the computer center in order to ensure smooth conduct of all its functions including Online Examinations. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled with 20 Mbps leased line connection ensuring an adequate bandwidth for all the users. E-learning resources are made available which are made use of extensively by the students and staff of the institute.

Class Room
Every classroom is equipped with a Computer, Projector and Audio system along with internet connectivity to facilitate ease in ICT usage for teaching learning process. Provisions are made in the annual budget for upkeep and upgradation of the IT infrastructure of the institute. The maintenance of all infrastructural facilities are done through Annual Maintenance Contracts with the suppliers and external agencies are appointed for all equipment including, Generator, Lift, Water Purifiers, Electrical Installations etc.

Cafeteria serves a choice of healthy foods, and discourages students from eating “junk” foods. It offers great coffee, tea and fresh sandwiches, cakes & Confectionaries. ​ Food is available for the students at the subsidized rates. All students can avail themselves of canteen services, which serves vegetarian food. The catering service provides high-quality and hygienic service to all students and staff. The quality of the catering service is supervised and managed by the Committee.

DAIMSR shares the sports facilities of the Dr. Ambedkar College Sports Academy, which is run under the aegis of Param Poojya Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti. Free coaching and training has been provided to children from backward economically weaker sections. Free coaching is also provided to the promising and upcoming players of the region and students of the college. Free uniform, sports kits, sports equipments has been awarded as an incentive to the players.
DAIMSR realizes that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. And so an effervescent and active sports cell of the institute gives students a range of choices where they can just sweat it out and keep themselves active and toned. The Sports Academy is located in a picturesque setting facing a lush green and huge playground spread over 8 acres of and. The institute also has a State­ of-the- art Gymnasium, a daily work out at which, the way to keep your body and mind fit and going. Aerobics classes are conducted in the morning and evening every day. The students can take the benefit of this to keep them lean and slim. The institute team regularly participates in various local, state and national level competitions in sports like hockey, chess, football, badminton, tennis, cricket, basketball, table tennis, athletics etc.

Special care is taken to create a disability friendly infrastructure, where the special needs of the students can be met. The institute has made special arrangement in Washrooms, Library, Computer center, Pathways and Doorways as well as Lifts and ramps are all equipped to provide ease in mobility to the students with special needs. For any emergency medical needs of the students as well as the staff of the institute, provisions have been made for first aid facilities and doctors on call available to attend to medical emergency. The institute has tie-up with a large corporate hospital near the campus to address any emergent situation. Provision for cashless treatments up to Rupees 2 lacs has been made for every staff member of the institute.