Save Water: - Save Environment: - Save Ourselves

Environment club of DAIMSR celebrated world environment day on 5th june 2021. On this occasion the environment club of DAIMSR organized a Save Water Awareness Drive. During the activity, students were made aware of why and how water plays important role in the conservation of the environment. To allow a platform for students to show their creativity and voice their opinion topics like Save Water, Waterless Kitchen, Rainwater harvesting, and Waste Water management were given to students. The students were expected to give a presentation based on their study on the chosen topic. The event received a rousing response from the entire DAIMSR. Several students presented their views with help of PPT. From the presentations, the presentations of Sakshi Bannaagre, Nishid Dakhale, Chetan Barange, Nidhi Behare, Harsh Gondane, Aryaman Vasudeo received special praise for their efforts. The environment club member also promised to ensure that they will also fulfill their part in environmental conservation by saving water.

The drive was initiated by Dr. Saket Bansod and Prof. Rinki Moolchandani as part of the Environment club. The Presentation was attended by Dr. Monika Jain who praised the efforts of all the participants and encouraged them to continue the efforts.