Jatan-DAIMSR’s helping hand to underprivileged students

Jatan Sanstha is a registered NGO working for educating children’s of slum locality in mankapur area of Nagpur city. Jatan Sanstha is also working for in empowering women by giving them education through Jatan Silai Prashikshan Kendra.

Dr. Monika Jain (Incharge ISR) approached NGO’s Jatan Sanstha to contribute in the noble cause. Looking into the need of volunteers by Sanstha, Dr. Monika Jain, faculties and students had decided to help students of Jatan Sanstha in a better manner. BCCA Department, DAIMSR, Nagpur conducted an ISR activity on 22nd June 2021 at Jatan Sanstha with member of faculties Dr. Monika Jain, Dr. Mitali Gupta, Prof. Jayant Gondane and students Badal Wagmare, Moh. Shabaz, Vaishnavi Behre, Mansi Dongre, Pranali Pethe, Harsh Gondane, and Nidhi Behre distributed Stationary Kits and computer accessories like keyboards and mouses to the students of Centre. The NGO welcomed the initiative and spoke at length about the issues, the Sanstha is going through. Treasure Mr. Ved Prakash Srivastava and Director of Jatan sanstha Mrs. Shashiprabha Srivastava coordinated the entire event.